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 Ethics Reform 

Despite all the federal investigations surrounding state government officials, there remains a lack of urgency to reform the way Springfield conducts business on behalf of taxpayers. 

Amy advocates for strong ethics reform - transforming the corrupt system and holding those who violate the public's trust accountable. 


 Pro Life 

Amy, a 20-year member of St. Mary's Parish in Alton, always upholds the sanctity of life and protects the rights of the unborn.

Amy opposed passage of Illinois' Reproductive Health Act, which removed the requirement for parental consent and made abortion a fundamental right up to the moment of birth. 

2nd Amendment.jpg

 2nd Amendment 

Amy supports 2nd Amendment rights in Springfield, as Chicago politicians look to chip away the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Amy is a proud FOID card holder and has a concealed carry license. Amy and her family are shooting sports enthusiasts and have financially backed the local gun range to encourage the availability of shooting sports for all. 

State Capitol

 Spending &  Taxes 

Springfield politicians continuously ask taxpayers for more and more while failing to identify areas to reduce spending. That is wrong.

Amy opposes efforts that place additional financial burdens on taxpayers and believes current tax and spend policies are driving businesses and residents from our state. 

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