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WATCH: Rep Elik Slams Democrats' Court Gerrymandering

Watch Representative Elik speak out against the Democrats' court gerrymandering on the floor of the Illinois General Assembly:

"I represent a significant part of Madison County. Since yesterday when we first became aware of this map I've heard from judges and lawyers who are disgusted by this plan and how this was brought forth. Because they're judges they're limited by what they can say, so I will speak for them today.

Madison County has a terrible distinction of being known as a judicial hellhole because decades of Democrat rule at all levels of county government - including the judiciary. Isn't it telling that now that Republican judges have been elected [in Madison County] by the people, suddenly [the Democrats in the General Assembly] decides it's time to interfere.

You had months to do this. You had months to get actual, meaningful input from the court system. My county has had less than two hours, really, to digest this latest bill, and I've still had their input, yet you couldn't ask them for input when you knew months ago that you'd put this forth.

How sad that our judges didn't even have time to respond through their associations, so I'll speak for them today. Being a responsible lawmaker, there are a lot of questions unanswered, and I would ask you to pull this bill from the record and take the time for meaningful input. If you won't do that I urge a no vote."

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